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The 4 Most Popular Champagne Brands

For any occasion of nobility or intellectuality, Champagne is usually the drink of choice. Many people think that all bottles of Champagne are the same and do not understand that there are in fact many different Champagne brands, each slightly different to the next. As with most things, there is no “best” brand, however there are several premium and prestigious brands which are often thought of as being the best.

Possibly the most well known and popular Champagne has to be Dom Perignon. Even those who are not wine connoisseurs could normally recognise Dom Perignon as being one of the most prestigious Champagnes. The biggest story around this particular bottle of Champagne is that the Benedictine monk, Dom Perignon, actually manufactured this delectable Champagne. While this is not true, it is true that he contributed immensely to the development of the Champagne. Dom Perignon Champagne became extremely popular when the French winery, Moet & Chandon introduced it after the First World War.

Moet & Chandon Champagne is typically thought of as being the most expensive Champagne in the world. Originally started as Moet & Co in 1750, this Champagne was selected to supply the Royal Court and has since been enjoyed by many historical and prestigious figures such as Napoleon, The Duke Of Wellington and even today posses the Royal Warrant to supply Champagne to Queen Elizabeth II.

Producing 6 different Champagnes, Piper Heisieck is another popular Champagne. Piper Heisieck Champagne is extremely popular in all the countries around the world. Most famously, this is known from the Marilyn Monroe statement, “I get up each morning with a glass of Piper-Heidsieck”.

Another famous Champagne is Bollinger, also known by many as the “James Bond Champagne” as a bottle of Bollinger has been featured in 11 of the films and also the original books. It was thought that the Champagne would match Bonds flawless taste and personality and was specifically chosen over all other brands of Champagne.

Next time you visit the wine merchants or purchase Champagne online, do not just choose the first bottle that you see, assuming that they are all the same, but take a moment to browse through the range of offer. Taking a little time to browse the range at the wine merchants and select a special bottle of Champagne could mean that you are drinking the finest wine in the world, as enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth II, Marilyn Monroe or even James Bond.

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  1. My favorite champagne (when I can afford it!) is any variety of Krug, but especially Rose – there was a 1999 Krug Brut Rose that I still dream about. No, seriously, I dream sometimes that I’m drinking it, lol. 

    Anyhoo – after Krug, I do love Moet and I also enjoy Veuve Clicquot just as an “everyday” champagne. I would drink it every single day of my life if it weren’t so fattening.

  2. Joshy Champagne Bois

    Gotta love champagne, especially Global Good Champagne!!!

  3. Daryck M - Brooklynite.

    This video is TERRIBLE; first, ALWAYS cover the cork when opening a bottle of any bottle of champagne – the pressure inside of a bottle of champagne is equal to that of the pressure in a tire on a double-decker bus. Always open bottles of champagne with one hand over the cork and the other on the base of the bottle; hold the bottle at an angle AWAY FROM ANY HARM and allow the bubbles to disburse, then pour accordingly.

    Second; it’s just fine if champagne loses it’s effervescence – the flavor will change and more often than not [with the exception of low-grade buys] the flavor will evolve into something completely different. Bubbles strip the palate and can hinder getting actual flavor; some bubbles are more harsh than others. (The finer and more constant the bubbles, the more delicate the process).

    Third: The entire idea behind a punch bowl is to use punch glasses, not champagne flutes. Champagne coasters will work just fine because there will be more to go around for the entire party – no one has ‘just one.’ Also, use a metal ladle; prior to serving the punch, place a metal ladle in the freezer for at least 30 minutes to help maintain temperature.

    I would suggest using a cognac as opposed to a Brandy – ESPECIALLY E & J – Cognac is much finer and a little more on the sweet side.

    Use a whole bottle of champage, 5 dashes of Peychauds bitters, 2 oz. (not a 1/4 cup) of Combier brand Triple Sec, 5 oz of your choice Cognac (Chalfonte is lovely) and give or take 2-3 oz of simple syrup. You can also add cinnamon and the paste from a fresh vanilla bean if you’re feeling frisky.

    I’m not sure who chose this recipe, but I’ve seen WAY better.

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