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Monday , October 15 2018
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Sexy Lingerie For The Voluptuous Woman

Looking for a Christmas gift for your girlfriend or wife?  Buying lingerie for her that makes her feel beautiful and sexy can be the most wonderfully thoughtful thing which will ultimately benefit you both…

However, get it wrong and you might as well move into the garden shed for a week – or more.


Some ladies are perfectly happy to wear very little in front of their partners but not everyone has that inner confidence, particularly if she is carrying some extra weight (not that you should EVER mention that to her… think of that shed).


So here are a few hints to help you make the right choice.


As we know, some women want to feel sexy without baring a huge amount of flesh.  So you need to purchase something that will cover the places she doesn’t want to bare and share, offering her a chance to feel sexy without worrying too much.  Consider the following:



These are sometimes also known as a bodysuit or a camiknicker.  They are an all-in-one camisole and knickers piece.  They are usually made of satin, silk or sheer fabric which lace edging, and are relatively loosely fitted, with thin, spaghetti straps.  You can also find Teddiette which are teddys with detachable garters…. grrr.

The looseness of the fabric means she won’t feel that everything is on display, and she won’t have to worry about her midriff showing.



This is a short, loose fitting garment with thin, spaghetti straps.  They sometimes come with bra section at the top.  The fabric falls from the top of the garment and usually sits around the top of the thighs.  It can be trimmed with lace, ribbon or even marabou fur, and are usually made from sheer fabrics, satin or silk.

Again the looseness of the fabric allows her to relax and not be too concerned about any curves that she doesn’t want you to see.

Babydolls are very sexy and, if matched up with hold-up stockings can make a women feel super sexy!

(Just in case you don’t know, hold-ups are stockings that don’t require suspenders, instead they are held on the thigh by a small rubberised area which is hidden by lace).




This is a fitted garment, with ribbed areas to shape the waist and push up the breasts.  However, some can be short in length and have the effect of pushing some abdominal fat down to accentuate the tummy area, so be careful when choosing!  They can be worn under clothing or as a glamorous, sexy top.  The bustier can also be worn with a short silky dressing gown which, again, will offer your partner a little less exposure.  And, don’t forget, a gown can easily slip to expose a sexy shoulder or back of the neck…



Similar to a bustier, a basque usually looks like a corset, with lots of decorative lace and/or ribbon detailing.  However, they have little or no figure shaping panels or ribbed areas.  They are a little more forgiving than a bustier but still look incredibly sexy.  Go for deep colours (as opposed to pastels) for maximum impact!  And what about a pair of elbow length satin gloves too?



These garments are like short dresses with thin straps.  They usually are fairly shapeless – apart from a couple of darts to accentuate the breast area – and sit round about mid-thigh.  They can have inbuilt bra cups, but usually not.  They are generally made from satin or silk.  They may sound dull, but again, coupled with some hold-up stockings and perhaps even a feather boa… well, you can imagine.


It’s definitely worth trying to find something that your partner will feel comfortable wearing – and feel good in.  There is no point in buying her something that you would love to see her in if it’s not something she will ever wear.  That’s just a waste of your money – and an opportunity!


If in doubt, ask her friends – they’ll know your partner and what she would be happy wearing.


Happy shopping!

Jacqueline Leith is a writer and regular blogger for a number of sites, including one that lets you compare prices.

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