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5 Reasons Why You Should Befriend The I.T. Department

5 Reasons Why You Should Befriend The I.T. Department

You may simply have a friendly relationship with your work computer, or only know how to turn it on and use it. Conversely, you may be eons ahead of the crowd of techno-savvy geniuses, but if something goes haywire, you may be out of your depth. It is vital that you make friends with your company’s IT department. Chances are, those gurus got the IT jobs for a reason and know more than you do. It’s their job to know more. This is especially handy in the next five cases to have them comfortably in your corner.

1. The air conditioning goes down in the server room. Someone decides to open a window. The lawn sprinklers cycle on causing five brand new pricy servers to drown, bringing the entire project and a team of 50 people to a skidding halt. This is a good time to have an IT hook up.

2. Your boss is expecting his report on his desk by the end of the day. You, being the fastest information gatherer in the West, feel certain you have plenty of time. Perfect excuse to catch that movie you’ve wanted to see for so long. The movie freezes, along with every other program. These are disastrous times. Your computer will not boot up. Time to make another call to that cute little IT girl again.

3. You run in, late for work. The humidity has curled your hair into an enormous mass of unruly curls; your mascara is running a marathon down your cheeks. You, clever girl, thought it would be a good idea to repair your hair and face at your desk. Inspiration hits as you plug in your mirror and flatiron into your computer’s USB ports as you wait for your computer to power up. You couldn’t possibly ever use all of those USB ports, anyway. A fabulous idea! No wonder you’re consistently praised for your time management abilities and brilliant multi-tasking talents. Wait…what’s that burning smell? Time to get your friendly IT people to the rescue before the boss comes in.

4. It’s “Bring Your Child to Work Day!” Unbelievably, that CD Rom tray is not a coffee cup holder. However, it can easily double as an Easy-Bake oven to warm Jell-O, at least, according to your industrious, four-year-old future chef. While frantically dashing to the IT department, your adorable cherub outlined your monitor’s screensaver with your highlighters. Awesome.

5. Your computer won’t come on. You grab your flashlight and make sure all cords and cables are plugged in. Good thing you’ve befriended the IT department, because your flashlight batteries are growing dim. You explain how you need the flashlight because it is dark in your office. The IT tech asks if you can bring in a lamp. You tell them that there has been a recent power outage. There is audible silence as they realize you are beyond help. Shortly afterwards, the IT tech starts drinking.


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