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Leaving University? How to Get Ready

It’s finally time for you to leave university. You’re in your final year and soon will be moving onto the next phase of your life. But how do you prepare for that big change? Here are some of the things you need to think about.

If you haven’t already done so, this is the year to get some work experience. In the current economic climate, having some experience of the working world may be the thing that differentiates you from your peers and puts you into one of the few jobs available. If work experience isn’t part of your course then use one of your holidays and negotiate a placement for yourself. Ideally, this should be in the area that you plan to work in so that it is relevant when you apply for jobs.

Start working on your CV or resume. Don’t worry if there’s not a lot on it; employers won’t expect a lot if you are just leaving university. However, make sure to include details of relevant coursework and experience and a little bit about yourself, your aims for work and your interests. You want your CV to show enough personality to get you to the interview stage. These days there are all sorts of options for presenting your CV. There are social media and video resumes, visual CV’s and the ordinary kind. Chose one that best matches the type of job you are going for.

Search around for the best balance of cost of living and job opportunities to target some initial locations for your life after university. You might want a job in London or New York but unless it’s paying extremely well you will have to compromise on the accommodation you can afford and your general lifestyle. It might be better to live outside the city and commute a little longer so that you can have a better quality of life.

Avoid all the offers of credit cards and free bank accounts as well as options to renegotiate your student debt. Before you accept any of them take some sound financial advice and make sure that you are not making a decision that will prevent you from having a mortgage the next 10 years. If you can, now’s the time to clear some debt so that you don’t start your working life burdened by worry.

Finally, have fun. Later you will look back on these days as among the best in your life so be sure to make some memories that will last a lifetime


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