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Role Of Robots In Surgery

Surgical robotics has created a new revolution in the medical field. Most of the surgeries require almost a dozen people in the theatre. Surgical robots have greatly minimized  the need for some personnel. In the near future a surgery may require one surgeon, two nurses or an anesthesiologist. The doctor can even sit near a computer  either inside or outside  the operating room and can perform the surgery using the surgical robot. Voice-activated robotic arms usually moves endoscopic cameras.

There are master slave robotic systems which are FDA approved. All these are used for a variety of functions. Robotic surgery is often used for open heart, lung, knee replacement surgery and other forms of surgery.

Using robots also encourages enhanced precision and helps to reduce the trauma to the patient. For example, a traditional heart bypass surgery may require  the patient’s chest be chapped open by making a one foot long incision. But the use of robots in surgery enables to operate the heart by using three or four small incisions of just one centimeter in the chest. The surgeons can make make small incisions instead of long incisions. This will help the patients to a great extent by reducing the trauma and bleeding. The patient will also recover fast after undergoing the surgery.

Having very limited number of  personnel in the operation theatre room and allowing the doctors to operate on a patient from  a long-distance will reduce the cost of the surgery. The use of a computer console even allows the doctor  to perform operations even by staying miles away from the patient. This technique is known as telesurgery. One of the major disadvantage of telesurgery is latency. There is a time delay between the doctor moving his or her hands to the robotic arms responding to those movements. The doctor should  be therefore present in the room with the patient for robotic systems so that the robot can react immediately to doctor’s hand movements.

Use of Robots can also decrease the fatigue that doctors might experience during long hours of surgery. Most often the surgeons will become very tired during long surgeries. They may even experience hand tremors as well. Even the most steadiest human hands can never match a robot’s hands. These robots are designed in such a way that they can withstand all tremors. Therefore even if  he doctor’s hand shakes,  the computer ignores it and keeps the mechanical arm steady.

So next time when you visit your local hospital, don’t get shocked by seeing robots wearing medical scrubs roaming around the corner.

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