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How To Use Twitter To Build Links

Whether you’ve used it or not, we’ve all heard about Twitter. It seems to be sweeping the nation and even the world by storm. At first glance, it would seem that this is a great way to build links for your website. How much better could it get? If you can get several people to retweet your link, it would show up as backlinks. Sadly, it is not that easy. Twitter links are nofollow. For those who are not familiar with the term, it basically means that search engines do not even notice a link from Twitter.


But, don’t rule Twitter out as a source for link building. Even though the links are nofollow, there are still ways to use the Twitter links to your advantage. Also, don’t rule out the fact that tweets containing links may reach just as many people as search engines. So, even the nofollow links may prove to be very beneficial in building links to your site.





  • Use RSS feeds to your advantage.Although Twitter may mark the links within tweets as nofollow, this does not mean that those links never get seen by search engines. There are many types of RSS feeds that incorporate Twitter searches. If a tweet becomes one of these feeds, those links may be considered dofollow. On the other hand, you can always create your own RSS feed. Do a search for related words, then post the results to your own RSS feed. In this way, you can ensure that the links you placed on Twitter are dofollow. 



  • Use Twitter to find sites for link requests.Even though the links on Twitter are nofollow, this does not mean that Twitter cannot be used to gain links. Choose the people that you follow, based on mutual interests. Many of the people you follow have their own websites. Because these sites may be based on mutual interests, these are good places to start requesting links. Especially if you offer to reciprocate with a link from your own site, most of these people will be more than willing to link to your site, if you provide quality content. 



  • Link to your Twitter profile.The actual Twitter homepage has become a site of great authority. However, this does not always translate well to individual profiles. You should create high quality backlinks to your Twitter profile to increase its authority. Your tweets are posted to your Twitter page. If this page has high authority, it can increase the chances of gaining good link juice from these posts. 



  • Shorten URLs in a way that still passes the link juice.Most people are well aware that Twitter only allows a limited number of characters in each message. Especially if a link is very long, it can take up so many of the characters that there is no room left for an actual message. If you shorten your URLs to fit, make sure to use a service that retains the proper link juice. 



  • Add easy tweet links to your page.If you may it easy for people to share your content, they are more likely to share it. Make sure to include buttons or widgets on your page that make it easy for people to retweet your content. It goes without saying that the content should be good enough to make them want to retweet it. But the inclusion of “Retweet This” buttons will encourage more visitors to tweet your links. 



  • Say things that people want to repeat.This has been alluded to earlier. But, the most important way to make sure people link to your site is to say things that they feel are worthy of repeating. Make sure your content adds something to the topic. This will encourage people to retweet and link to your site. 




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