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Five Essential Steps for Hit-and-Run Accident Victims

car accident @ vestavia hills by rian castillo

In the United States, victims report nearly three-quarters of a million hit-and-run accidents every year. Up to half of these accidents involve pedestrians or bicyclists, and children are especially at-risk. You must be prepared. Far more than a traffic accident, a hit-and-run is a violent criminal assault, not just irresponsible ...

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President Obama utilizes High Tech Campaign Strategies and Digital Advertisement for 2012 + Obama and Zuckerberg Sit Down (Video)


Obama is back at it again with his high tech campaign strategies. Obama has been known for running massive digital ad campaigns that span everything from mobile phones,Youtube videos, email lists, text messages and much more. Many politicians including Obama use a strategy called narrow casting which means delivering highly ...

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Moody’s downgrades three French banks


The US isn’t the only place that is getting its credit rankings lowered. Three French banks just had their Moodys credit rankings downgraded. The organizations include  BNP Paribas,Société Générale and Crédit Agricole. BNP Paribas and Credit Agricole were taken down to Aa3 and Socgen was downgraded to A1 after a review that they ...

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Jennifer Aniston named Sexiest Woman of All Time by Mens Health


From Ferris Bueller (Television Series), 10 years as ‘Rachel Green’ from the hit show Friends, to her leading roles in many more shows and film Jennifer Aniston has a pretty extensive history with entertainment.  Which is why when Mens’s Health named her the Sexiest Woman of All Time it was no surprise ...

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