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10 Tips for Using Small Portable Greenhouses

The great news about portable greenhouses is that even if you don’t have a lot of space in your garden you can still generally find a spot to put a portable greenhouse.

Here are 10 Tips to Using Your Portable Greenhouse in the best possible way:


1. Clean It Regularly

One of the biggest problems with portable greenhouses is that because they tend to be constructed of loose PVC plastic, that they can sometimes have a tendency to get mold growth on them rather too easily. So, you should always endeavor to wash inside thoroughly at least once a week in order to make sure that they stay clean.


2. Check the Zips and Fastenings

Portable greenhouses tend to be constructed with two zips (one on either side) in order to keep all of the hot air firmly in, and to make sure that the greenhouse actually serves its designated function. You should be sure that you check the zips regularly to make sure that there are no leakages of air, as this can compromise the efficiency of the way that warm air is trapped inside.


3. Portable Greenhouses Have A Different Heat Signature

It is also interesting to note that portable greenhouses also tend to have a different heat signature, by which I mean their ability to trap air, and so the effect of this is that certain plants that don’t grow very well in a conventional greenhouse, will grow fabulously well in a portable greenhouse. So experiment to see which plants fit the profile and grow best in a portable greenhouse.


4. Use Both a Portable Greenhouse and a Regular Greenhouse

For the reason stated above it is actually worth having both a regular greenhouse and a small portable greenhouse in your garden. The two are not created equal, because in the same way that a Tenor Saxophone makes a different sound to an Alto Saxophone, both may be making music, but the sound is very different.


5. Check the Roof for Leaks Regularly

Because the plastic covering on portable greenhouses tends to be thinner, there is also a certain propensity for breakages. So be sure to check that the integrity of the roof of your greenhouse has not been compromised, for example by a falling branch of a tree.


6. Don’t Expect Them to Last Forever

Portable greenhouses are much more temporary in nature then normal greenhouses, so don’t be surprised if they only last for one growing season. They also tend to be much cheaper than their more permanent brethren, and so replacing them is not likely to break the bank.


7. Put the Heaviest Plants at the Bottom

Because these portable greenhouses are not as sturdy, you should be sure to put the heaviest plants and flowers at the very bottom. So that in the event that something does break inside, it is not likely to cause as much damage as it otherwise might.


8. Specialize in the Food You Grow

It can also be a good idea with portable greenhouses to be more selective in the items that you grow, and have only one plant type per portable greenhouse.

This means for example that you could say only grow tomatoes in one, and you would then be able to use specialist tomato pesticide in the greenhouse, that otherwise you couldn’t if plant species were mixed.


9. Be Patient When Erecting

These are easy to erect, but don’t be in a hurry. It is better that you get it right!


10. Get A Cover

Sometimes these can get too hot inside, especially in high summer, so consider getting a cover for those rare tropical heat days to protect your plants from damage.


Alexandru Chiuariu, Web Content Copywriter of Greenhouses for Sale, providing web copy and articles on the company’s small portable greenhouses and special greenhouses offers.

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