How Social Media Sites Like Facebook LinkedIn and Twitter Can Land Your Next Job (Visual + Infographic)

Getting A Job Using Social Media

Here Is A Short Video About Utilizing Social Media to find a job from ABC below:

This stunning skyscraper info-graphic (See The Info-graphic at the bottom of this article!!!) from  (Social Job Search) outlines in extensive details some of the most useful information on Social Media and how it applies in the workforce and landing a new position.


FACT:  According To 1 in every 6 workers utilized a social media in one way or another to get hired.


How Employees Found Their Current Job (See The Top 6 Below)

Referrals from Professionals or Personal Contacts – 36%

Newspapers – 30%

Internet Job Boards – 30%

Internal Job Listings For Current Employees  – 21%

Company Career Site – 20%

Online Social Networks – 16%


Q & A:

Q: How Many Job Seekers have a social media profile on at least one site?

A: According to the research from, 9 out of every 10 Job Seekers has an existing profile on a social media site, and 54% of Job Seekers have a social media account with the “Big 3″ Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


Facebook vs. Twitter vs LinkedIN (“The Big 3″)

#1 | FACEBOOK:  18.4 Million Americans said that Facebook Got Them Their Current Job

#2 | LINKEDIN:  10.2 Million Americans said that LinkedIn Got Them Their Current Job

#3 | TWITTER:  8 Million Americans said that Twitter Got Them Their Current Job


“SUPER-Social Job seekers”

Definition of ‘Super-Social’ job seeker:  Job Seeker has 150 or more contacts on a given social networking or social media site.

4 out of every 10 Job Seekers are considered ‘Super Social’.

Note:  According to the Info-graphic Facebook Users were twice more likely to be a ‘Super-Social’ than users on LinkedIn and Twitter.


At the end of the Info-graphic MBAOnline Offers Tips and References for all of the statistics utilized to create this stunning presentation.

Enjoy The  Info-graphic below:

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