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Top Five Most Popular Consumer Products

It is a familiar phenomenon that on receiving their pay checks, people tend to splurge on gadgets or pamper themselves. Since people are defined by what they have or how they look in the eyes of other people, and popularity is measured along these lines, companies and industries are capitalizing on such ‘vanity’, raking in millions out of products that serve those desires.

The top five most popular consumer products in 2011, were:

1. Mobile Phones – people will often camp out in the streets before the store so they can have first grab of the latest gadget as soon as the store opens. Having a mobile phone is crucial to everyday survival- it is the extension of our personality and in order to be updated, we need a ring every once in a while. Decades ago, the typical analog phone’s only concern is the contact range. Today, newer models have been manufactured with truly interesting features it is now hard to be satisfied with just the current android phone, which will be obsolete by tomorrow, as manufacturers will then come out with an even more sleek version with more bells and whistles and all things imaginable.

2.  LCD and LED Plasma Television– Having one in your living room is a gauge of success. Nothing beats watching Harry Potter in 3D and sound surround to please the kids and to make the characters appear larger and even clearer than life. This is one functional decoration in your abode that you can’t miss, so people clamor for it.

3.  Weight-loss pills– Pharmaceutical companies are often neck to neck in coming out with dietary supplements that can eliminate dieting and exercising altogether in making a person ‘fit’. Though it technically does not exist, ‘miracle pills’ are aplenty and these companies make a killing out of people’s desire to be lean and sexy without much effort. Along with machines and stair masters, weight loss pills are flying off the shelves simply because one can never be too thin and be contented with how much one weighs— only look at emaciated stars in Hollywood. The desire to look thin is a vicious cycle, thus the huge demand for weight-loss pills such as those containing ephedra.

4. Computers and Laptops– Even though you are not a “techie”, you need a computer or a laptop to do your everyday tasks— e-mail, research on the internet, teleconference with your boss or churn out that memo for Human Resource Department.  Life became a lot simpler when you learned Windows.

5. Coca-Cola– The secret formula is not known except by the company big shots. It is almost a staple in every celebration, and having Coke means feeling euphoric and happy when having barbecue party and such. Technically, although it is bad for the health to drink everyday, many households keep a bottle or so in their refrigerators for everyday consumption. The brand is valued at a whopping 68.73 billion dollars.

In a nutshell, these are the products that sell globally and with a wide clientele. Of course, the results will vary from one country to another.


This is a post from Ben who works at RNA, an international manufacturer supplying bowl feeders and vision inspection systems.

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