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Simple Ways to Make A Big Difference

Christmas is the time of year where we spend thousands of dollars on presents, gifts and food. The majority of us run around frantic and try to play catch up. In the midst of all of the chaos it is important to remember what this season is truly about. It is the spirit of peace, love and understanding.

In the midst of the gift giving we can extend our hand to those in bigger need. The hard economic times can remind us all of what is truly important. Not materialistic things but unconditional love. It is important to recognize that there are many ways to make a difference with out spending money. If you are able to help others this season you will feel better and more joyful. Here are some easy ways to help others.

Help at a Soup Kitchen

Helping the homeless by volunteering your time at a soup kitchen is one of the easiest ways to extend your hand and make a big difference. The holidays are a time when people gather around the fire and share stories while sipping on eggnog. But not everyone gets to experience these simple joyful moments. Homeless people are alone, cold and desperate for a little love. You can make a tremendous difference by serving soup to them in an established service kitchen. Check the Internet for a local service center near you.


Volunteer at Animal Shelter

The Humane Society and Animal Shelters across the nation suffer during the winter months. Many people forget that there are animals in need of love, attention, food and care. Spending time helping at a local animal shelter is one easy way to make a huge difference. The people who run those shelters are over worked and under paid. Any volunteers that come in and help are a tremendous relief for employees. You can walk the dogs, spend time petting them, brushing them or simple bring your unwrapped dog toys, bones and food for a goody bag for the animals in need.


Food Drive

Many local charities put together food and gift drives for local families in need. Most of the time people bring unwrapped gifts, books and toys but sometimes the essentials are overlooked. Giving toiletries, like mini shampoos, a new hairbrush, toothbrush, floss and mouthwash are a great idea.  Many of the families in need, need the essentials before they need the extra materialistic items.

When we focus on helping humanity, we can feel more fulfilled and joyful. Giving your time is one of the most rewarding ways to make a tremendous difference.


Shannon Kaiser is a wellness, lifestyle writer who writes for many online and print publications. For tips on getting a healthy smile visit Dr. Nathan S. Doyel, at Pacific Family Dental, a dentist in Sherwood Oregon.


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