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Keeping uPVC Conservatories Warm in Winter

I am constantly surprised by the number of people I meet who think that their conservatory is just for use in the summer. During the dark winter months I personally think there is no better place to be than sat in the lightest room in my house. Admittedly uPVC conservatories can get cold if you don’t heat them properly, but with a little thought your conservatory can easily become a year round room. Here are the different options available when it comes to heating conservatories:
Fitted Radiators
When fitting radiators in your conservatory you can either opt to plumb them into the central heating of your home or alternatively simply fit electric radiators in the conservatory. There are two main concerns that you should think about if you decide to go with radiators though:
  1. As the bulk of your conservatory will be made of glass there are normally a limited number of suitable places where a radiator can be placed. This can mean that you find yourself designing the layout of the room around your radiator needs, rather than how you would like to use it.
  2. If you opt to plumb your conservatory into your home central heating, you will find that you need to run the heating at times that you normally wouldn’t want to. Your house may be fine without heating on a summer evening, but if you are spending time in the conservatory you may well want a little heating. Electric radiators that are independent of the rest of the house can solve this problem.
Hot Water Underfloor Heating
This style of heating is the perfect solution to the issue of the placement of radiators. Underfloor heating means not only is the heat spread evenly throughout your conservatory, but without radiators you can design the layout however you like.
The problem of linking the heating in your conservatory to the heating in the rest of the house remains though. You will often find that you want to heat the conservatory at times that you don’t want to heat the rest of the house (and vice versa.)

Electric Underfloor Heating
This style of heating can be perfect for upvc conservatories as it avoids both the need for any plumbing as well as meaning you don’t need to plan the layout of your conservatory around places where you can hang a radiator. You can heat the conservatory without having to heat the rest of the house and it also avoids the need to put extra strain on your hot water system. Like any modern heating system you will be able to control this using a thermostat to maintain the right temperature year round.

Air Conditioning
You might be fairly surprised to learn that you can use your air conditioning unit to heat your conservatory, but it can do just that. An air conditioning unit contains a heat pump which can take warm air from outside the conservatory and direct it inside. This will be sufficient for all but the worst of cold weather (when you might want to bring a portable radiator into the conservatory.)

In many ways an air conditioning unit is the perfect option for heating a conservatory. This works particularly well during summer when you may want to cool you conservatory during the day when the room is at its hottest, but would like some slight heating in the evening as it cools down.

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