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The Garden Shed-An Affordable Extension

The economy is taking its time to recover and money is an issue to the majority of us at the moment. Nevertheless, we don’t really want to sacrifice all our fun, or simply make do with the space we’ve got. Our property is by far our strongest asset, and there is a simple way to save money, whilst extending it at the same time. To get the most out of your property, and increase your living space, consider utilising garden sheds. The days when a shed was merely used for storing your tools and garden furniture throughout the winter months, is long gone. People are turning their sheds into pubs, guest rooms, even pirate lairs and winning internet competitions with their innovation. This has led to more and more people investing in high quality modern sheds as an alternative to expensive home extensions, and with much less red tape. A definitive plus, as getting planning permission for a shed is much easier than for an extension. So, if you are in need of some extra space, or even an extra room, consider these five uses for a garden shed.

Potential artists often require a calm, serene space to get their creative juices flowing, and building an art studio in your very own garden provides just that. A space dedicated to your art, gives you a room that is full of inspiration and you needn’t pack up all your hard work before it’s complete, as it can remain as it is, until you’re ready to make the next important brush stroke. Another plus to an art studio in your garden shed, is that you needn’t worry about getting paint on the floor or walls, as the studio is a reflection of your artistic vigour, and it’s perfectly fine if this sometimes creates a mess around you.

Art isn’t the only hobby that can prove to be too messy for the home. Woodwork is another hobby that requires its very own space, but can be of great advantage to the home and saving money.  A garden workshop allows your creative juices to flow freely. A log cabin workshop will allow you to keep your tools organised; your projects out in the open and, by installing a strong lock on the door, ensure that your children are kept safe from sharp blades and instruments. In your workshop you can create extra furniture for the home, such as a rocking chair or dining chair. These items will not only serve their functional purpose, but also add unique charm to your home, that any interior designer will be jealous of.

An increasing number of people are working from home these days, but this set-up can be very challenging. An office in the home can’t be treated the same as an office away from home. The distractions of the home such as other tasks that need completing can easily distract from work. By setting up your home office in the garden, you can ensure a distraction-free environment that helps you focus solely on the business at hand. It isn’t that difficult to set up either, as you mainly need a broadband connection, to install your computer, printer, fax and phone and you’ll have a home office that beats any brick and mortar cubicle. For the winter months, it’s advisable to either improve the shed’s general insulation or add a portable heater to the office. An office in your own garden will give you all the benefits of both working at home, and working in an office and save costs on travelling, too.

Expanding families often require more space faster than the finances can keep up with. Not everybody can afford, or wants the hassle of moving home and just ‘make do’ with what they have. Small homes often force parents to keep game consoles in the living area and pile toys in their children’s room. This is then often frowned upon by visitors, who perhaps have more space. With a garden playroom, all of your children’s toys and consoles can be placed in a central area, giving your child a safe place to spend the day. You can create reading areas for your children by pilling up pillows and blankets in a corner of the shed and encouraging them to read there together. Other, more active games such as playing tag indoors can also be done in the garden shed playroom, as the danger of breaking ornaments is no more.

You can create your very own home cinema in your garden shed extension. Add comfy seating (preferably with red upholstery to create that traditional cinema feel), a projector and a projector screen, maybe even a vintage popcorn maker. After that all you need to do is enjoy the film.

The uses for garden shed, and log cabins are not limited to these five. They can be utilized as almost any room that you’ve always wished you had. From saunas to small guest apartments, pubs to party themed venues for beach parties or pirate parties, the possibilities are endless once you have that affordable extension.

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