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7 Things I Love About Social Media

Its Valentine’s Day, and I’m doing a post on love. No, I’m not giving tips or telling you about the person I love, but I’m talking social media. 

I’ve learned a lot about social media in the past year. Here are 10 things I’ve come to love about it. 

1. Follow Friday
One of the best things about social media is Follow Friday. Its the day your Twitter stream gets clogged, but you get to see all the people whom you follow and show your gratitude. Social media is about giving, and Follow Friday is where it starts.

2. Accelerated Conversational Connection
In short, this is just all the people you meet. I have friends in Denver, Milwaukee, Portland, Miami and even further than that because of Twitter. You get greater conversational reach, conversational connection, and it all accelerates outward. 

3. Statistical Overdrive
TweetStats. HootSuite. TwitterCounter. Tweriod. The statistics are all out there, and social media puts it on overdrive. I love swimming in numbers and finding out how engaging I’ve been, and social media helps put it all in perspective. 

4. Dynamicism
The industry is always changing. It doesn’t become stagnant and stay that way. With something new every day, it keeps you on your toes. There is never a dull moment.

5. Potential
Never has there ever been something with so much potential. Things can go viral almost immediately, and more people than ever can see your content. Offline marketing can’t beat online marketing in some cases. 

6. Nuanced
Social media is still new, in the sense that so many businesses have yet to use the platform, and so many people are still unsure about how to apply social media to their lives. Coaching and business opportunities are plentiful. 

7. Genuine and Real
Social media is about being real and genuine. If you can’t be yourself, social media will eat you up alive. Can you afford to be fake? Maybe about 30 years ago…

What do you love about social media this Valentine’s Day? Share in the comments below or send me a tweet @albertqian.

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