Jeremy Lin of New York Knicks hits Game Winning Shot and Moves off The Couch Into Trump Tower


The legend himself, Jeremy Lin aka Linspiration has finally moved off of his couch and into a sublet apartment in Trump Tower in New York City.  It seems that the rising star is moving his way on up in the NBA on and off the court.  It was only a short time ago that the star was two days away from being cut from the New York Knicks basketball team, and now it seems that he is here to stay; hopefully with a pay raise too.

Last Night Jeremy Lin even hit the game winning shot against the Toronto Raptors, and even the Raptors’ fans were cheering for him at points during the game.

WATCH: Jeremy Lin’s Game Winning Shot Against The Raptors

Lin has performed phenomenally in the last few weeks throwing up double-doubles, 30 point games, and taking on some of the leagues biggest and baddest opponents.  So far Lin has come out victorious every single time.  His new living space is only the first in a series of changes I’m sure Lin will be making over the next year!

His jersey has also sold out mutliple times in stores and online in the NBA Store.

Go ahead and check out some footage below of Jeremy Lin and be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

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