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Which Tablet is the Best for You?

It started with Apple’s original iPad. In only a matter of months, iPad competitors started appearing and we have to this day an overwhelming array of tablet choices with their varying features. When planning to get a tablet PC for yourself, you need to ensure that you are buying something that is acceptable to you, as each one of us have varying needs. A closer look at the pros and cons of today’s most popular tablets might help.

Apple iPad

The iPad has the advantage of being the very first tablet that ever made it popular in the market. With this, they are most probably the first ones that people who are looking to buy a tablet PC would consider purchasing. It is very easy to use plus it has every app imaginable. With iTunes, Netflix, and Hulu Plus, it has provided and still continues to provide the widest array of media options for the longest time.

This tablet might have some issues with lacking features such as widgets and customization options but it surely has made up for its solid user experience and overall great performance.

BlackBerry PlayBook

The PlayBook might not have fully evolved and developed to successfully compete with most of the popular tablets in the market today but it has made this up with its 7-inch size and QNX operating system. This system supports Flash, something that Apple has failed to endow their products with. It also offers a fast browser, superb speakers, and the use of gestures for its navigation.

One very big problem with this tablet is the way that it handles email. Because it does not have a native email client, users will have to utilize the browser which, unless you have handset, will require you to constantly refresh it to check if you have a new email. Overall, though, it is a great gadget for multitasking with good support.

HP TouchPad

This is the newest among the roster. It is very similar with Apple’s iPad in looks but once the device is turned on, its interface makes it very different. It can only run a few third-party applications with good browsing and multitasking abilities but it offers excellent functioning of all the basics that are essential in a tablet.

Because it is relatively new, it might still be in for so many more improvements. With its pros of best notifications and wireless charging; it will still have a long way to go.

Google Android Tablets

With Android tablets from Motorola, Samsung, Acer, LG, and Asus, among others; consumers are given a wide array of tablet choices to choose from. They all have varying looks and sizes but they all run on Google’s Honeycomb operating system. It might have instability issues but it anyone will be able to use Gmail, Google Talk video calling and Google Maps with ease. They all run on other platforms but they run best on an Android.

You might find that its app selection is lacking. Android does have limited media services but this platform is currently under major improvements to increase it.

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