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7 Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Online Store

One thing many businesses want to know is how to drive more traffic to their online store. Online stores have been on the rise for over a decade and that means there is a lot of competition. Thankfully, you can still find new customers. Here are just seven ways to drive traffic to your online store.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular online social networks. Used by most age groups, Facebook is a wonderful way to reach more customers. Best of all, the ads will be targeted to users that match your ad. For example, if your company sells dog treats, the ad will be targeted to those talking about dogs.

Take Advantage of Twitter

Twitter has now made it much easier for companies to brand their Twitter account. This means you can create a profile with a banner and then Tweet posts that use hashtags that revolve around your company. When people click on these hashtags, your posts will come up and the user will see that your company is a verified business with which they may want to shop.

Create a Blog

Blogs are more than online journals. A good blog can be a great way to drive traffic to your online store. The key is creating content that attracts potential customers and to use keywords that put your content at the top of search engines. For example, if you sell dog treats, you might write a blog post titled, “How Many Dog Treats Should I Feed My Pet?” The keywords would be dog treats. You could then include a link to your store in the post.


Search engine optimization is essential in today’s world. With thousands of competitors, you have to do what it takes to make sure your store is on the first page of a search engine. This means using tags to identify your store. For example, for your dog treat business, you might use the tags: dogs, treats and pets.

Become Active in Forums

Back links are a great way to get your website noticed. You can reply in forums that revolve around your business and use a link to your online store in the signature field. The key is to not overdo it and pay attention to forum guidelines or you could be flagged as a spammer.

Post Videos on YouTube

Another way to drive traffic to your online store is to post videos on YouTube. YouTube has become a favorite place for people to learn how to do things and gather information. You can use this to your advantage by showing how to use your product. You don’t want the video to be too spammy though. For example, you might have a video on how to teach dogs tricks by using treats and then mention your product and include a link to your store.

Invest in Promotions

Last, but not least, remember the importance of promotions. You can offer discounts when people spread the word or you could post promotions on your blog with codes for free shipping. You could also hold contests or even give away free samples. Regardless of what you do, promotions are always a great way to attract new customers.

There are millions of online stores and chances are there are thousands of stores that specialize in the same products as you. That’s why you have to spend time attracting customers to your site through promotion, SEO, blogs and even videos.

About the Author: Errol Tolin is a web developer who specializes in working with businesses who want to have an online store. He enjoys helping businesses build an entire online brand, especially those who only had a local storefront before.

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