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Modelling for Photography Class in LA

It never ceases to amaze me, no matter how technical the photography class is, and I mean classes differently from workshops, that there’s always photographers clamouring for my pose – and I’m not a model!

The Difference Between a Glamour Workshop and a Photography Class

I’m not talking about a glamour class here, I evolved away from doing those because I was keen to get better pictures and really not that interested in another photograph of me overtly pouting or pretending to be sexy. When I look back at those pictures, I’m ok with them because I have a collection of snaps showing me, looking OK I suppose, and they’re a little fun I can laugh at myself for being such a girl! Something about those glamorised snaps look rather desperate for attention, overplaying what little value I saw in myself, perhaps not the story I want to show my colleagues on facebook or business clients in the real world.

Moving on from the scrum of new camera addicts then, to a photography class in LA where everyone involved, including myself, wants to learn how to get better pictures of people by actually thinking about what they want. I’m no longer thinking that I’m doing all the work and trying to give them a good image. That’s a narcissistic way of viewing things but glamor work is all about the model – not the portrait! The work is now theirs, we are all a blank canvas, myself, the new amateurs, and even some professionals brushing up. The aim of the class is to tell a story, learn how to overcome problems with face shape and bone structure, pull the emotion out of the canvas into the picture.

Photography Lighting Classes Are For Everyone, Myself Included

Everyone’s motive to come to professional lighting classes is different, even my point in life is different. There is a better balance of women in the technical lighting classes, and even if they are complete hobbyists, I am at ease that a fake glamouresque performance is not expected of me.

In fact, what these amateur photographers are about to learn is that they are going to have to work very hard to calculate and approximate moods of lighting and how that will capture the moment of the story.

A Chance to Make Mistakes in Lighting and Actually Learn From Them

Now that they have got the lighting set up, and they are experimenting with F-stop settings and powering up the strobe, messing with the diffusion and bounce cards, I realized, it’s a rare opportunity they have to run through all these settings with someone patient enough to be revealed under every truth her face is giving them. I wasn’t hiding from any light too hard, blemishes shining, now’s their chance to see if they can diminish them!

They are looking at their results with a self critique as if to say – no wonder my wife doesn’t like me taking a picture of her, there’s an alien in my picture! – Only for the class instructor to assist with the white balance or something to do with color temperature settings on his Nikon.

I guess this is what these classes are for, seeing all the mistake you can make with an experiment, before you go and put yourself to the test in front of a paying client.


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