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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Facebook EdgeRank

One of the oddities of using Facebook is the EdgeRank platform. For marketers, this is a welcome technology because it gives the ability for content to go viral. Even if something was posted last month, and there is a comment today, friends of the poster will be notified of the event happening, giving potential new life for content. 

For individual users, the existence of EdgeRank can be an absolute pain. If you comment or say something on someone else’s posts, your posting can be seen across every one of your friend’s feeds, even if they aren’t friends with your friend. So if you have your significant other on Facebook, make sure not to go off and like everything they post, for it could get very, very awkward. 

Albert Qian is the author of The Social Media Dude and has many odd run-ins with Facebook EdgeRank. Comment on his stuff on Facebook today and make your feed look awkward. Follow him at @albertqian.

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