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How to Start Modeling Yourself

Modeling is a glamorous career of fashion and make-up. You are constantly in the spotlight showing off designer clothes and make-up. In essence, you are a star and somewhat of a celebrity. It can be an exciting career path to explore. If you have the right height, a unique look and the ambition, then that is already a breakthrough to start modeling.

Required Tools

  • Clothes, make-up, your look

Required Materials

  • Yourself


  1. To start modeling you need to do your research on the different types of modeling and decide which type you would like to specialize in. This research will inform you about the requirements for the particular modeling you are interested in and help you decide if you can meet the requirements. With this foundation knowledge, you know exactly what you want and what to expect. This will give you some security in the industry.
  2. Once you decide what you want and you have decided you can do what it takes and meet the requirements for this career, then you can move on to more challenging steps. For example, getting hired. There has to be a need out there for a model. A model may be needed to help sell a product, service or an idea. Again, research is needed to find out which client or agency is in need of a model. Sometimes, there is a fashion model search where you go out to audition and win a spot in a company to start your modeling career. However, getting hired as a model depends on the type of modeling you want to do and what it takes to get hired as that type of model. When you go out to get hired as a model, it is a must that you take a portfolio of nice or rather professional pictures of yourself to help market your look and abilities.
  3. Apart from your ambition to start modeling, having the right look and talent for a particular type of modeling will help you be discovered and get assignments. You must put yourself out there so that others (agents/clients) can know that you are available and that you can do the job. Recommendations or references would be very useful to you here.
  4. Once you are hired, you will have to learn to how to be a model. The genetics part is easy, where you are already born with a certain look and height for a particular type of modeling. However, you will have to learn the professional side of modeling: you need to learn what to do in photo shoots, you will need to know how to market yourself, how to constantly look good in front of the camera, how to show the right emotions required to sell a particular product, service or idea; and finally, you need to learn how to be discipline by showing up on time and completing assignments efficiently for the livelihood of yourself and everyone else who you work with.
  5. Modeling involves a lot of traveling so ensure that you update one of the basic travel document- your passport and another proper identification.

Tips and Warning

  • Ensure that you do your research as this will help you not to get ripped off. Knowledge is power. You will know what you want, you will know what to do in times of difficulty and you will know what to expect. Furthermore, you will know the proper procedures in terms of being paid and your rights. You must always educate yourself.

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