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Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation – Which is Right For You?

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation – Which is Right For You?

Many women are unsatisfied with the appearance of their bustline, and often look to plastic surgery to alter their breasts. The type of breast surgery that they opt for will depend largely on how they want to alter their breasts, and the exact look that they are going for. Dr. Jugenburg at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute is a professional surgeon and is seasoned in all sorts of various breast surgery procedures. He and his staff will go over the difference between a breast lift and breast augmentation, and what method is right for you.

How To Determine Which Breast Surgery Procedure To Choose

Before you decide on either a breast lift, or breast augmentation, or any other specific procedure, you should ask yourself a few questions. First of all, are you looking to increase the size of your breasts, or are you looking to reshape them? Are you happy with the firmness of your breasts, or have your breasts started sagging after pregnancy? These are only some of the questions that a surgeon at a breast enhancement clinic will ask you.
Breast augmentation should be chosen by a patient who wants to increase the size of her breasts. Breast augmentation is also done to bring back volume to breasts that have changed due to many things, such as weight loss, pregnancy, or illness. In Toronto breast augmentation is also a procedure used to fix any asymmetry between the breasts of a patient. Breast augmentation can provide you with larger, fuller, firmer breasts.
A breast lift is very different from breast augmentation. A patient should choose a breast lift over breast augmentation if she is uncomfortable with any sagginess of the breasts, which can occur after pregnancy, weight loss or illness. This breast enhancement procedure is quite useful when the patient desires to have her nipples and/or areolas repositioned, so that they are more perky. Often, the nipple position on the breast will be the deciding factor for choosing a breast lift or not. Those with nipples that are located below the fold beneath the breast are most likely an ideal candidate for a breast lift procedure.
In some cases, patients may undergo both procedures, which often complement each other to provide the best placement and youthful appearance of the breast implants.

Consult With a Reputable Plastic Surgeon

The knowledgeable staff of a reputable Cosmetic Surgery Clinic will be able to help you determine which procedure is right for you. They will evaluate your candidacy for either procedure, and will provide you with the utmost care and attention.

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