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Save time, nergy and money with a halogen oven

Once the preserve of TV shopping channels, the halogen oven is fast becoming the must-have piece of kit for kitchens up and down the country, but are they any good?!

In short, yes they are very good, but just how good they are can all depend on which model you go for. And because they are now more than just a teleshopping curio there are a host of models out there to suit every budget and every budding chef.

Prices range from £30 to £130 and although ease of use and cooking results vary from model to model, when it comes to saving time, energy and, ultimately, money then everyone is cooking on gas…or not!

The Most Effective Space-Savers

The halogen oven is, first and foremost, a space saver, doing everything that a conventional oven can do but within the confines of a 12 litre bowl! So whether you are roasting, boiling, baking, poaching or frying you can do it all. And in around a third of the time!

So how do these ovens produce such good results in such a short space of time? Well basically it’s all in the design. Whereas a conventional oven normally has a large space that is heated up by a convection fan blowing around heat produced by electric elements, halogen ovens produce a more intense heat, via a combination of infra-red waves and their powerful halogen light, which is then circulated around the comparatively small bowl by a high-performance fan.

Another advantage that halogen ovens have over conventional cookers is that you can see your food cooking in the clear glass bowl and so no heat is lost by opening the oven door to see how the cooking is coming along.

Although they look small, halogen cookers can fit in a surprising amount of food, especially if you ustilise some of the extras you get with most models such as the cooking shelves and extender ring which can increase the oven’s capacity from 12 to 17 litres! This means that you can use a halogen oven cook a full roast dinner with all the trimmings and save all the juices in the bottom of the bowl to make the gravy.

Cons of a Halogen Oven

However, as good as these ovens are, they are not without their faults and that’s why you must take care deciding on which model will best suit your needs.

For instance, a common complaint is that there is nowhere to put the lid when it comes to serving food from the bowl. Halogen oven lids are often heavy as they house all of the cooker’s hardware and this also means that, after cooking, they will be too hot to put down on a kitchen surface. So it’s best to look for a model that comes with a lid stand included or choose the Flavorwave that has a hinged lid.

Another problem is that they can often malfunction in the first year and cooking results can vary dramatically depending upon the model that you buy so it is vital that you do your research and read reviews of the different models before making your choice.

Overall though, halogen ovens are a good, cost effective alternative to conventional ovens. They save space in the kitchen and can produce results as good as any conventional oven. The best thing about them though is that they genuinely do cook food more quickly, are more energy efficient and, most importantly can save you money on your energy bills!

Robert E is an avid blogger and experienced copywriter for http://www.myhalogenoven.co.uk/, who loves to share his knowledge through content on the internet.

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