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How to Plan an Anniversary Party


Successful party planning requires a lot of preparation and attention to detail, and anniversary parties have extra details to plan for in order to properly commemorate the occasion.


The type of party and activities you’ll plan depend on the couple and how long they’ve been married. You’ll want to plan a different type of party for a couple that’s celebrating their first anniversary than a couple celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Whether you’re planning your own anniversary party or someone else’s, here are a few tips to get you started.


Dig Up the Archives


You save a lot of things from your wedding that were extra special at the time, but that doesn’t mean all those items are on display in the home. The anniversary couple may have a box containing special mementos, such as the dried bridal bouquet, original invitations, the guestbook, the garter the bride wore during the wedding, wedding cake toppers, or decorations from the wedding.


You can use some of these less sensitive items and old photos from their wedding to decorate for the party. Try to find and use decorations inspired by the ones used at the wedding as well.


Order a Cake


Like weddings, anniversary parties traditionally serve either finger foods or a sit down dinner followed by cake. You can dress up the anniversary cake with the same wedding cake toppers the couple had on their wedding cake. If they didn’t have toppers, ordering some custom cake toppers made to look just like them is one of many great anniversary gift ideas.


Order Invitations


Don’t forget to send your guests some type of formal invitation that allows them to RSVP so you know how many people to plan for. An emailed invitation is fine if you’re short on time or money or simply want to save resources. For custom invitations, think about using an old wedding photo or an invitation inspired by the couple’s original wedding invitation.


Get a Guest Book


Guest books make great wedding anniversary gifts for couples having a party. A guest book turns into a wonderful memento as you read the words and good wishes your friends, family, and relatives sent you.


A fun idea at an anniversary party is to place the old guest book from the wedding next to the table with the current guest book so guests can compare what they wrote in the past to what they write now. Invite guests to read what they wrote currently and years ago to the couple as a way to integrate toasts into the party.


Gifts for the Anniversary Couple


Anniversary gifts should remind a couple of their wedding and how much they still mean to each other now. If you’re throwing a party for a couple who was married before the digital photo revolution, there are a number of gift ideas to be found through digitizing some of their old wedding photos, which can be printed on items as gifts. This includes photo plates, pillows, blankets, and digital canvas prints.

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