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What Do You Need to Raise a Horse?

Many of use love the beauty and grace of a horse, but have second thoughts when it comes to actually committing to owning and maintaining one of our own. If you are fortunate enough to be able to provide for one, taking on the responsibility of a horse can be a great opportunity, although you will also need to be prepared for all the responsibilities involved with equine ownership. When seeking out a horse for sale, you must keep in mind the costs involved beyond the purchase price of the animal itself.  Not only will you need housing and shelter arrangements as well as a grazing and exercise area, but you will have to consider tack, feed, grooming, veterinary, insurance, and riding or show costs as well.


First, be certain to research your range of choices before deciding to purchase your horse from a breeder, trainer, agent, or other qualified source. Take a professional with you when you examine your horse for an expert opinion and ask for records of the animal’s health history. Besides price, you will need to consider age, training, breed, gender, purpose, personality, and compatibility. Quality horses for sale in California as well as other states can be purchased for between $1,500 and $3,000. When making your decision, it may help to remember that it will cost the same to take care of a costlier horse as it will a less expensive one. If you wish to show or breed your horse, it must be registered, which will naturally increase the overall purchase price. It could also be that deciding on a pony for sale instead of a horse may be the ticket that suits your needs better if space is limited and a pet is more of your motive.


The price of feeding and boarding your horse will vary depending on circumstances and size and breed of the animal. Be sure that you have a barn or stable ready for when you bring your horse home. Boarding facilities can start at several hundred dollars a month and go up .You will need a stall and a room for equipment and space for other supplies, such as hay or sawdust. You will want to clean the stall daily, using such equipment as a sifting fork or a wheelbarrow. These animals should be fed both grain and hay daily. A fresh water supply will also be necessary. You will also need a fenced pasture for your horses with additional access to grazing and water. The size will depend on the breed and the amount available.


Necessary equipment will include a saddle, tether, lead, and harness. It can often be cost-effective to purchase some of these items used. Don’t forget boots and appropriate gear for the rider as well. If the horse will be used for equestrian purposes, riding outfits will be another consideration, as well as the price of lessons and events. Grooming tools and brushes will also be necessary to keep your horse in good condition. Bedding might be another possibility, depending on climate.  Do not forget the additional need for access to a trailer for transport purposes. Last but not least, think about the time involved before committing to being a horse owner.  Owning a horse can be a wonderful commitment for those who are willing to make it a top priority.

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