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What You Post on Social Media Is Impacting

Last night, I was working on my website Socialize With Us, and was looking to use my Macbook’s webcam to shoot some video podcasts. Unfortunately, as someone who has grown up with a lazy eye (Ptosis), I have to deal with one eye being bigger than the other. Nonetheless, because my Facebook community is generally supportive, I posed a question. It was risky, but this is the screenshot: 

You’ll notice the beginnings of the conversation. You can find the rest of it here and see that various friends are interested in helping me out and giving me tips that looks don’t exactly matter. I agree to an extent – they don’t, because if you can talk, sometimes how you look doesn’t really matter either. 

I came home this afternoon from work and opened my news feed. To my shock, an acquaintance of mine from college who had lived with me on the same floor freshman year, had posted the photo to her friend’s wall, with some less than kind words. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she posted this to mock and make fun of the fact of my looks. 

The screenshot: 

A little bit of research led me to discover that she works at a restaurant in Hawaii. The food business is one of people, where people serve others to quench the need of food and satisfaction of hunger. While most brush off this important concept, the point is pretty clear: this is a breach of ethics, and poor taste in people. 

I have since emailed the restaurant, tweeted the head chef and left a review on Yelp stating my dissatisfaction with the employee. Regardless of what happens with these messages, the underlying point is clear: If you want to make fun of, ridicule, insult, badger and mock people over social media, your best choice is to do it offline where no one can see you.

In a world where social media posts go viral and come back to hurt others, its important to pay attention to what you do, much less try to hurt someone who has a career in social media and understands the channels of communication to get a message across. 

And because its a Friday night that I’m posting this, its even more important to note. What you do on social media can be detrimental to your reputation, your brand and who you are. What you do as a brand to protect is important, and what you do as a content producer matters as well. 

Albert Qian is a Social Media Consultant and the author of Albert Qian: The Social Media Dude, living, working and playing in Silicon Valley. Chat with him on Twitter today @albertqian

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