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Future Direction Of Mobile Applications

Mobile apps have become the latest rage, and with good reason. Over 87 percent of people in the world own a mobile phone (nearly 6 billion), and with each of those comes the opportunity to enhance that phone with a mobile application that can make the experience better. People are searching, playing games, conducting business, and generally being productive with those phones, and those tools help people become faster and better with their mobile phone use.

In 2011, mobile commerce was worth $119 billion worldwide through the major retailers, and that number is expected to rise as more and more users become comfortable with mobile applications. The desktops and laptops are becoming obselete in favor of the mobile applications, which bring mind-boggling business opportunities to local and global businesses alike. A simple SMS message can bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars for a company, just with the small suggestion that they should purchase an app to make their life easier.

With the kind of market share that mobile apps command, the question arises: what kinds of apps are people downloading for their own phones? The answer? Anything and everything. Consumers are downloading apps as fast as they can, whether they are ringtones, used for business, health and fitness coaches, or games. Developers are bringing their mobile apps to the market, and they are being downloaded as fast as possible by consumers who are in the hope that they will find the one thing which makes their lives easier.

The five largest categories for mobile apps are games, books, education, entertainment, and lifestyle. Together, these applications make up half of the mobile app market. The rest of the market, including business apps, sports, photography, health and wellness, and more, help to make up the bottom half of the sales market for mobile applications. This means that there is still room for more breakout mobile apps.

The numbers are absolutely staggering. At the end of last year, the major players announced that over 35 billion apps had been downloaded worldwide. Those developers are taking notice of this fact, and are introducing their apps to the market in the hopes that they can achieve a small piece of the market share. With such a glut, however, many great applications aren’t being noticed. After all, it’s difficult to keep track with an average of 273 new apps being introduced every single day.

As the popularity of the apps increases, the developers will continue to push their products onto the market. Many of those applications, unfortunately, do not live up to the highest quality standards – they were merely rushed out and possess untenable flaws within their makeup. They might not work or work haphazardly. Mobile apps marketing sites are faced with the decision about whether they should offer all of the apps, or a handful which they have deemed the best.

Consumers will see more apps entering the market as more individuals subscribe to mobile plans. Those apps will entertain, educate, and inspire, alleviating worries and spurring users to achieve their dreams.

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