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Give the Gift of Warmth


Alpaca wool and the products made from it are some of the warmest garments on the planet. The alpacas themselves live in the high mountain valleys of the Andes where they must contend with harsh winter conditions and sub-zero temperatures; at the same time, their lightweight, waterproof wool keeps them dry and cool in the warmer months. By wearing alpaca wool clothing you can experience the ultra-soft, lightweight luxury of a product that helps your body temperature regulate itself in any weather.


Alpaca products make a thoughtful and lasting gift because, with a foundation of the high quality wool, they are built to last a lifetime. Alpaca wool is naturally dirt and dust resistant and needs minimal washings, so it’s easy to care for and the infrequent launderings really extend the life of the garment. Beautiful alpaca wool garments are gifts that last and your loved ones will treasure them for a long time to come.


Alpaca Blankets:  Alpaca blankets and throws make excellent gifts for the person who hates sleeping under a lot of heavy covers to stay warm, or for someone who is a naturally warm sleeper and doesn’t need a lot of covers. The ultra-light blankets keep you warm without the bulk and without causing you to overheat. They are breathable and naturally hypoallergenic, so they’re perfect for children and for sleeping with them directly against the skin. They also make great travel blankets because they pack up small and provide so much warmth.


Alpaca Cardigans: Alpaca wool comes in 22 natural colors that are easy to match to any wardrobe. Alpaca cardigans are combining the classic zip or button-up cardigan with extra long top trends to create a sweater that’s so warm and long it can be worn like a jacket and so cozy it could be worn to bed. Watch your gift of an alpaca cardigan turn into someone’s favorite bathrobe, sweater, coat, and blanket all in one.


Alpaca Shawls: Giving someone an alpaca shawl is like giving them permission to leave the house wearing their favorite blanket. Your loved ones will thank you after spending the day wrapped in the perfect blend of lightweight comfort, warmth, and style. Shawls and capes have been making a comeback in fashion trends the last few years, and it’s a style that makes sense because they are practical in a variety of indoor and outdoor conditions. Alpaca shawls can even be worn in rainy or snowy weather like a coat because the fiber is so water resistant.








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