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Steel sculptures to decorate your home

Steel – The Sturdy Art

For over several thousand years, art has been an important form of expression for us human beings. While the first work of art could have started with stone or wood, modern art forms have evolved beyond the naturally available mediums.

An artist creates a piece with an intention to make it as permanent and durable as possible. Therefore, glass and metal have become the new favorites of the art world.

Steel can be perceived as a hard, non-yielding metal to many, but to an artist, it’s an ally. The process includes extensive work including bending, welding, shaping and even burning. The end result is, however, magical, precise and stark. What’s more, with steel trending to the one of the most sought after art form, even recycled material can now be used. You would be surprised with the number of innovative and inspiring pieces artists now come up with, using the scraps from our junk yards.
To me, what an imaginative hand can do with a piece of cold metal is exalting.

Most artists simply use welding as a way to mold their metal. The end result may vary from human figurines, replicas, furniture or even birds, complete with feathers and all ! The best part about steel though, is that the metal is sturdy and can balance a substantial amount of weight in a very small area. (Imagine two ballerinas balanced only by their hands)

The Various Forms

The most favorite form might as well be abstract. An artist might simply wield a steel rod and let his thoughts take over. The result is a beautiful abstract form that mirrors his person. The sculptures are fabricated from steel – stainless or mild. They are polished to shine brilliantly or simply painted over (sometimes to protect the metal). While graphite paint may be used for outdoor figurines, a clear lacquer finishes a home figurine. Steel sculptures for home can be varied. The stand-alone sculpture adds that missing element in the space while a wall mount can adorn a beautifully painted wall or sometimes hide its blemishes.

Here’s another type – The wall climbers. It’s a special way of hanging that lamp. It’s simply a human figurine, posing as if to climb a wall. One hand is stretched out, and this hand holds the lamp, bag, anything. Since the figuring is made of steel, it is sturdy enough to hold the weight while simultaneously adding that quirky factor to your wall. You could also have a custom made jazz band, sitting on your shelf or a few steel dragon-flies in your garden.

With beauty as exquisite is this, steel figurines bestow a sharp style to your home. Imagine a lovely pale colored wall or a shelf, with a steel sculpture of an eagle soaring. Or maybe a few robotic figurines, playing the trumpet on a glass shelf.

If you’re looking for something more exquisite, imagine a central decorative piece in your living room – A shiny gleaming mini Harley sculpture on a pedestal!

Steel figurines for home use are now made by individual artists, or art companies like “All Steel Fabrications” who also manufacture large scale steel sculptures. If there is one thing that’s artistic, permanent and strikingly sharp in its appeal, it’s fabricated steel. The possibilities are limitless, but then, so is art !

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