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When Economics Get Tough The Tough Get Frugal

A few years ago, it seemed like the overly consumptive lifestyle was here to stay forever.   Americans were happy to consume natural resources from all corners of the Earth, and price was of no consequence.  Whether we realized it or not, we were living at materialistic levels that were unmatched in history.

Then what nobody really believed would ever happen- happened

America’s steroid induced economy began going haywire.  The creek had hit the fan, and we were up it without a paddle- or something like that.  Sadly, myriads of people lost their homes, millionaires lost everything, and there were suddenly a lot less jobs to go around.  Even the few lucky ones who were not directly affected by the economic shock were left shaken.

Then a cool thing started happening

Since there was less money to go around, we began to appreciate the value of a dollar again.  Frugality stopped being a quaint psychological hang-up reserved for those who lived through the Great Depression; and being thrifty came back into fashion.

So now that we are all learning the virtues of frugality, let’s do it right.  Check out this list of ways to “frugalize” your life.

Dating Frugally- it is perfectly respectable for a dating couple to carefully plan their dates in order to avoid overspending.  Some ways of dating frugally include…

  • Planning dates around “Groupon” deals
  • Buying simple and thoughtful presents rather than breaking the bank.  Writing a heartfelt poem is often more touching than the sparkle of a diamond.
  • Plan a picnic together instead of going to restaurants, it is less expensive and you will get to know one another better that way too.
  • Do things together that are wholesome and free like volunteering in a soup kitchen.

Frugal Food

  • Coupons are great- use em.
  • Go shopping with a list, and instead of buying whatever looks yummy, stick to it.
  • Eat leftovers before they spoil.
  • Buy generic- they are usually the same as the name brand products, what makes them less expensive is that they lack the brand name.

Frugal Clothes

  • Take good care of clothes and they will last for longer.
  • Go bargain hunting at outlet stores, thrift stores, or other well-priced venues.
  • Avoid impulse buying, instead buy what you need when you need it.

Frugal toys for kids and adults

  • Buy a few things to last for the long term rather than buying things that will inevitably break.
  • If you only need one of a certain thing, don’t buy dozens.  Kids who only own one teddy bear love their teddy, while kids who own dozens of dolls are rarely interested in any one of them.
  • Go to the library and take out books that you want to read.

Good luck, and enjoy the revival of frugality.

Susie Brown is a financial advisor and a contributor and business author for the FastUpFront Blog. Fastupfront offers business loan financing solutions based on business cash flow.

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