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Do You Travel Across Country in Luxury or Comfort?

Trillions of miles are driven every year from coast to coast within the Unites States’ borders. This year alone, drivers have put the pedal to the metal and hit 1.715 trillion miles. Forty-eight diverse states offer drivers and their families more stops along highways and more sightseeing spots than can be seen in one trip. Giant needles and rubber band balls; flush landscapes and forests; shining skyscrapers and ocean waves; and even carved statues from stone and unique cemeteries. These and many more may be on your sightseeing list as “What do I want to see?” could be your biggest question before your journey begins.

But is it really the biggest question?

Something to think about: If you decided to drive across country, no matter the box on wheels, you and your family will see anything you want. The points of interest become a given instead of a variable. Oftentimes what does stay a variable is the vehicle to transport you and your family.

Most families make the decision to simply use the vehicle that is already on hand. Others decide to rent a vehicle for their travel needs. It’s normally a given when a family travels that they need a larger amount of space. More room to sit, stretch, pack, play. Families often would go for a minivan or go bigger with an RV.

Individuals, though, may go with something else. There is less need for space with one bag, maybe two and some extra items. That gives those driving alone who want to rent a vehicle another question: Do I travel in luxury or comfort?

A variable that can be taken out of the vehicle search can be the miles per gallon factor. Many of the luxury vehicles have fuel economy as high as other sedans that are available. Comparing vehicles for travel like, say, a Toyota Corolla that gets 28 miles to the gallon versus a popular luxury vehicle like the BMW 128i that has the same miles per gallon. Like any BMW dealers may tell you, luxury is the way to go.

Does this mean they are all right? Not necessarily. BMW vehicles will give you features like ConnectedDrive that will give you modern technologies to make the drive enjoyable. Enjoy traffic alerts and navigation to get you through the busy cities. But a Toyota can do the same with different technologies. The Toyota Entune multimedia system will give you applications to use as you drive like Pandora.

So, if both have the same miles per gallon and similar technologies, how do you choose luxury over comfort?

Truth is it depends on the driver. What you need in terms of comfort is completely your decision and no dealership can tell you otherwise.

Traveling is tough. Traveling may be long. Traveling is often exhausting. So, choose wisely. Travel safely. And above all, have fun doing it.


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