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History of the FA Cup

There are few global sports with the rich history and tradition of football. And in England, a country that prides itself on tradition, football is one of these sports and is a cultural institution. Citizens all over the country take part in and/ore watch the game from the sidelines. Various popular tournaments are held that captures the imaginations of UK football fanatics. No tournament is more popular than the Football Association Challenge Cup, or as it’s more commonly know, the FA Cup.

Many British citizens are aware of the rich history and cultural significance of England’s most popular football tournament, but those around the world may not be. The FA cup is well over a hundred years old, getting its start in the late 1800s. Run by the Football Association, teams who are members of both the Premier League and the Football League can participate in the FA cup.

This inclusion of multiple teams from multiple leagues is one of the FA Cups’ main drawing points. Spectators get to see some of the largest teams in England and Wales play along with some of the smallest amateur teams from provinces and villages. It truly is a showcase of wide variety of football clubs. That being said, because of the level of competition, it is rare to see some of the best and most popular teams taking on the lower-ranked teams in tournament play. However, it is this slim possibility of underdog teams challenging more established and popular clubs that is part of the draw of the FA Cup.

The FA Cup is set up as a knockout tournament. Teams are drawn at random and put in pairs. If teams in the tournament play to a draw, then a rematch is played, usually at the field of the team that was away during the first game. There are 14 rounds of competition in total. These include six qualifying rounds, six further rounds, semi-finals and finals.

The origins of the FA Cup date back to 1871, when then FA Secretary C.W. Alcock proposed the idea of a challenge cup sponsored by the Football Association. Alcock’s idea was welcomed by the Football Association and thus the first national football tournament was born. That year 15 teams took place in the FA Cup and the tournament was won by the London-based Wanderers. The FA Cup has been one of the most popular sporting events in England ever since.

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