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Is Your Job Killing You? (Infographic)

Without a doubt, working odd hours is bad for you. This is a conclusion that a person who works odd hours quickly concludes. However, what interests the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is why the 15 million Americans who work either during the evenings or all through the night have so many health problems, ranging from afflictions like Type 2 diabetes to heart attacks.

What did individuals working odd hours from different background, doing different types of work, have in common? Why did they have a higher susceptibility to serious illnesses that could often prove fatal?

According to a theory proposed in 2009 by Harvard Medical School researchers, what everyone had in common was the disruption of their natural circadian rhythms. Blood samples showed three common traits: one, they were all low in the leptin, the appetite hormone; two, they were all high in hormone, the stress hormone; and three, they all had dangerous levels of glucose and insulin.

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