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The History of the Businessman (Infographic)

The presence of the businessman has been a constant throughout the existence of humanity. Starting with the cave businessman, whose main skills were hunting, gathering, and surviving, the evolution of humanity has directly led to an evolution of the concept of business. While the Neolithic businessman was more concerned with marketing the skills of agriculture, construction, and pottery, the businessman of the Classical time period valued the advancement of concepts like democracy and philosophy. As man progressed into the Medieval times, sword fighting, archery, and jousting were prioritized. Men like Christopher Columbus and Magellan based their businesses upon navigation and cartography while businessmen of the Renaissance emphasized painting, architecture, and inventing. The main priorities of businessmen have been under constant change throughout each period of time. The businessman of today’s fast-paced technological age, whose main concerns are software programming, html, and social networking, are drastically different to their Neolithic ancestors.

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