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Top 5 Microphone Gaffes

Every now and then certain celebrities and politicians have been known to accidentally betray their true feelings, much to our amusement and their embarrassment. We’ve listed some of the top gaffes below . . . . . . .

1. Prince Charles 2005: Whilst enjoying a skiing holiday with his 2 sons, William and Harry, BBC news reporter Nicholas Witchell questioned him about his controversial upcoming wedding to Camila Parker-Bowles. Mid-interview he was caught off guard verbalizing his true feelings of contempt towards the red haired BBC Royal Correspondent, exclaiming “These bloody people. I can’t bear that man. I mean, he’s so awful, he really is.” The prince’s PR team later attempted to nullify the quip with but were clearly fooling nobody. Nice one Charlie!

2. George W Bush 2006: Here we saw Bush greet British PM Tony Blair at the G8 conference in a somewhat informal manner with “Yo Blair”. Hardly an appropriate way to greet a head of state, this was quickly followed with Bush’s remarks on the recent attacks on Israel by Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, stating “You see the irony is what they need to do is get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this sh*t and it’s all over.” Colourful language from a colourful President, this is just one more gaff in a quite remarkably large catalogue brought to us courtesy of George W Bush.

3. Rev Jesse Jackson 2008: Issuing a statement saying he was “Very sorry” for his remarks regarding Barack Obama and simply hadn’t realised his mike was on which, er, makes it all OK, apparently. Here’s the remarks he made, accusing Obama of speaking down to black people and a brief description of how he’d like to deal with the now US President. “See, Barack been, er, talking down to black people on this faith based…… I wanna cut his nuts off…… Barack….. he’s talking down to black people.”

4. Barack Obama Nicolas Sarkozy 2011: At the G20 conference last year Obama and Sarkozy were caught spilling some compromising words when discussing the Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu. Unaware of an open microphone broadcasting their words to the assembled press pack they both expressed their disdain towards Netanyahu with Sarkozy remarking, “I cannot stand him. He’s a liar,” . The US president then responded with: “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day.” The awkward meetings and pseudo sincerity of apologies which must have flowed privately afterwards is enough to make anyone cringe.

5. Jacques Chirac 2005: Managing to offend 2 entire nations in one fell swoop, the French Politician and Ex President made a major gaffe in thinking his mike had been turned off when he made this remark about the British, “The only thing they’ve ever done for European agriculture is mad cow disease . . . . behind Finland, it’s the country with the worst food,” adding insult to injury he summed up by saying, “One cannot trust people whose cuisine is so bad.” Following the media attention which this brought, a spokesperson for the UK stated, “There are some things which it is better not to comment on”, though the British public certainly were not so restrained in their comments towards Chirac, and who could blame them.

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