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BMW Eco Concept i8

BMW Eco Concept BMW is known for their elegant automotive styling and streamlined control systems. Most car enthusiasts wouldn’t expect them to create something called a Spyder, but that’s just what they’ve done. This isn’t anything like the latest gas-guzzling sportster from Italy, either. In the newly invented Eco mobility market the i8 concept car called the Spyder has been called ‘the most progressive sports car’.

First things first: the i8 looks incredible. The stylish and powerful looking exterior hints at the aggressive engine underneath. Its stream flow precision lines and low-slung headlight configuration give a sense of urgency to the look. It could almost be described as predatory. Included in the sleek styling are the trademark BMW twin grilles, as well as a translucent ‘V’ shape contoured from the bonnet to the windscreen. There’s also a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic module shaped in a black swath which swoops dramatically toward the rear of the car and unites the design of each separate section.

The rear of the car is slung low like the front. The floating tail lights and three-dimensional air outlets provide more streamlining, with rear light configuration mirroring the front-end. Gull wing doors add an exotic touch to the overall sporting package, demonstrating the designer’s intent to unify the front and rear of the car with sleek silver lines.

Under the Bonnet
The i8 Concept combines two different drive systems for maximum advantage. The front axle turns via an electric motor powered by the car’s efficient hybrid engine. The rear axle benefits from a 220hp turbo-charged, three-cylinder petrol engine, however. Only the limit keeps the combined electric and petrol-driven 221 lb-ft of torque from surpassing 155 mph. The i8 accelerates to 62 mph (100km/h) in under 5 seconds. Not content with mere outstanding performance, the i8 boasts shocking 94mpg fuel efficiency, approximately triple its combustion-powered rivals. The BMW i-series hybrid technology allows for full electric drive as well. The central battery system offers a range for around 20 miles before recharging, which takes about 2 hours in a standard power socket.

Everything in the interior is designed to enhance the driving experience. The interior environment is ergonomically designed so that the gearshift, ignition button and other features surround the driver console for maximum comfort. Displays are clear and bright, flashing important information to the driver as the situation warrants. Interior materials all live up to the BMW pedigree and unify the exterior and interior styling.

BMW maintains its stellar reputation for value. In addition, they seem to have hit on the perfect balance of performance, aesthetics and ecological awareness in what is potentially the ultimate sports car.


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