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Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

Mount Kilimanjaro is an inactive volcano in Tanzania and is Africa’s highest peak as well as the world’s highest free-standing mountain. If you are interested in being outdoors, hiking, and enjoying the wilderness than this is your perfect vacation spot! This is a little more spendy spot to travel but it is completely wortht the money to get to hike up this majestic mountain.

In order to be able to hike, you must be accompanied by a liscensed guide for your safety. You get a cook, porter, and guide to accompany you on your voyage up the highest mountain in the world. While on this journey, you get to experience waterfalls, a volcanic lake, as well as camel and horse riding opportunities. There are several different routes to take up the mountain specifically catered to one’s personal wishes and interests. This is a big hike to take on so make sure that you come prepared to take on the challenge!

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