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Visit Jeju Island Off The Coast of South Korea

Jeju Island is off the coast of South Africa and is also commonly known as “The Island of the Gods.” Many Koreans as well as tourists vacation at Jeju Island often. This island offers horseback rides, sandy beaches, and the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise on the oceanfront.

A relaxing, stunning sight awaits you at Jeju Island. The sights to see on the island include the Manjanggul Lava-tube, Seongsan Ilchubong, Hallim Park, Iho Beach, and the Yeomiji Botanic garden. There are also folk villages, museums, and festivals that take place throughout Jeju Island. You may also go hiking or visit the monuments around the island. A few of the main attractions on Jeju Island are Loveland, the Glass Castle, and the Kimyoung Maze. The people of Jeju Island have made it a huge attraction for tourism and welcome everyone with open arms!

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