Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana


Yellowstone National Park is one of the most interesting parks to explore in the United States. Yellowstone was the world’s first national park to be created. It was set aside as a park in order to protect and preserve the natural geysers, hot springs, and wildlife living throughout the area. The biggest geyser in the park, the Grand Geyser, can shoot boiling water around 150 feet in the air.

Around Yellowstone are an abundance of lakes and natural springs such as the Yellowstone Lake, Mud Volcano, and the LeHardy Rapids. There are several hotels and restaurants throughout the park located at special points for your personal enjoyment. Old Faithful is also at the park which is a large area of geysers. In the Old Faithful section is the Upper Geyser Basin, Lower Geyser Basin, Midway Geyser Basin, Lone Star Geyser Basin, and the Firehole River. Other sections of the park include Madison, Norris, Mammoth, and Canyon. There are plenty of park programs and activities in order to guide you around the beautiful and large Yellowstone National Park too!


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