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5 Gorgeous Women of Modern France

The women of France have been celebrated as some of the most fascinating and gorgeous creatures on the planet. While stars like Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau once caught the eyes of men everywhere, modern starlets have brought the attention back to French women all over again. The following five women are arguably some of the most beautiful women on the French scene today.

1. Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard is one of the best-known faces of modern French cinema. Since first coming to prominence in the mid-90’s, Cotillard has quickly become a famous face around the globe. Her beauty transcends several different domaines, as the actress is also an accomplished model, having begun modeling for Dior in 2009. She is also known for her political activism. Cotillard welcomed her first child with partner Guillaume Canet, a well-known French director, earlier this year.

2. Audrey Tautou

Audrey Tautou was first introduced to American audiences through the success of the French film Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain, better known as simply Amélie to English speakers. Since her performance in Amélie, she’s captivated audiences in a variety of different films, including The DaVinci Code with Tom Hanks, and Coco Avant Chanel, a biopic on the famous designer. She famously learned the language of Shakespeare for her performance alongside Tom Hanks, and her role as Coco Chanel lead to her becoming a model for the ubiquitous fashion house.

3. Catherine Deneuve

While she is not as young as some of the other actresses on the list, Catherine Deneuve is arguably better known than all of the others. Perhaps the best-known actress in French cinema, Catherine Deneuve began starring in films when she was only a child. She has played roles in many influential films, though none is better known than Belle de Jour, Luis Buñuel’s film about a woman who works as a prostitute as a cure to her perpetual boredom. Deneuve continues to be active in French film, and has a veritable empire of clothing, jewelry, and perfume.

4. Carla Bruni-Sarkozy

The wife of sitting President Nicolas Sarkozy, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is a star in her own right. The outspoken beauty is a singer and model, and continues to make a splash as the stylish First Lady of France. She is also an AIDS activist, working to secure funding for research and to aid those afflicted with the disease. Bruni-Sarkozy is currently expectant with her first child by Nicolas Sarkozy.

5. Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis is a popular French singer, and the partner of American actor Johnny Depp, with whom she has two children. Paradis has been popular in France since the early 1980s, with her song “Joe le Taxi” hitting the international charts in 1987. She’s also worked in the United States, having recorded material with Lenny Kravitz for her English language release, Vanessa Paradis. She is also a model for Chanel, promoting both the company’s lipstick, Rouge Chanel, and a line of handbags for the design house.

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