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How To Create a Mirrored Sofa Table in 6 Steps

A mirrored sofa table offers a quality that is almost a fairy-tale design to a living room. Though they have been in heavy use for a few years, mirrored sofa tables lend a modern and polished feel to a living space. Angular mirrored sofa tables provide a structured fluidity to the living room, while oval or round mirrored tables create a superior sense of intimacy.
Though purchasing a mirrored sofa table in various designs is possible, it is also possible for anybody to build his own mirrored sofa table using simple components. Here is a simple approach on making a mirrored sofa table.

1. Using a measuring tape, measure the height of the sofa and plot the mirrored sofa table’s dimensions accordingly. For instance, if the mirrored sofa table is 48 inches long and 36 inches high, plan to create a mirrored sofa table that is about the same height and length. The width of the sofa table depends on your preference.

2. Purchase the mirror and wood at a local home improvement store. Have them cut the mirror and wood to fit the size of the mirrored sofa table. The wood base should be two inches thick, while the mirror should be ¼ inch thick. Make sure that the corners and edges of the mirror are rounded.

3. Purchase also six pieces of 2-by-2 inches lumber for the sofa table’s legs. Have them cut into approximately 3 inches shorter than the actual desired sofa table height to provide room for the table top and the table legs pads.

4. Place the wooden top facing down the ground and using a pencil, mark its corners and edges where the legs will be attached. Two legs should be attached to the sofa table at each corner and in the middle of the opposite edges. Apply a spoonful of wood glue in the marked area. Press the legs into the glued area and secure it with wood screws and L-brackets.

5. Sand and paint the table’s legs and sides with the color of your choice and let it dry. Flip the sofa table over and repeat sanding and painting its top and let it dry. Cut six pieces of 2-by-2 inches of felt strips and using a mounting square, attached them to the bottom of all the sofa table legs for floor protection.

6. Ease the mirror atop the wood base or atop the table support. Place it into its ideal position. Secure the mirror with clasps, clips, or other mechanisms to ensure that the mirror does not topple or shift from its supporting structure. Make sure that the mirror is in the locked position before putting the mirrored sofa table into use.

Now you are ready to accessorize your mirrored sofa table. Here are three things to consider when decorating your sofa table.

• The first thing to consider is the location of the sofa table. The primary use of the sofa table should be the dictating factor of the table’s décor style. It is best not to crowd the sofa table with various collectibles if it is located in a busy den. On the other hand, it is safe to display your heirlooms on top of the mirrored sofa table if it is located in a formal living room with less foot traffic.

• Second thing to consider is the sofa table’s construction. A well-made but simple sofa table with a top shelf and four legs can carry any country décor schemes, while a sofa table with wrought iron legs and a mirror top works great with contemporary and modern décor arrangements.

• Third thing to consider is the primary function of the mirrored sofa table, like if it is purely decorative or if it serves a certain purpose.

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