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4 Creative Candy Uses

Whether you had a great Halloween haul or just visited a bulk candy storeJelly Belly wholesale prices are just too tempting to resist, we know—you have probably experienced a candy surplus at some point in your life. While you can try to chew all that bubble gum and consume all of those bite-sized candy bars before they go bad, even the most zealous of candy enthusiasts might have trouble downing those sweet treats. Here are a few ideas for all that leftover candy.

1. Donate it.

People donate money, food, clothing, and toys to charities all the time. It turns out that candy is no different. There are tons of homeless shelters, food banks, and other nonprofit organizations that would love to have your candy. Do some quick research into local organizations. It all goes toward a good cause.

2. Incorporate it into crafts.

Candies can quite easily be incorporated into crafts as they appear in so many vibrant color combinations. Just make sure you use hard candies or other sweets that won’t melt. Use candy to decorate cakes, gingerbread houses, and even masquerade masks. Use it to play games like tic-tac-toe or checkers.

If you have a lot of wrapped candy, you can use the wrappers and save the actual candies in Tupperware containers or in the freezer. Candy wrappers can be used for all sorts of art projects, from placemats to bookmarks to barrettes. This is also a great way to eliminate waste.

3. Use it in your baking.

You might not want to eat the candy now, but bake it into a cake or individual cupcakes and you’re sure to use all that candy up in no time. This works especially well with chocolate bars and candy-coated chocolate pieces. You don’t need to be an expert pastry chef either. Incorporate candy pieces into a simple store-bought cake batter for a sweet, decadent dessert. Use the candy to decorate the frosting as well.

There are a ton of recipes out there for baked candy treats, including Butterfinger pie and pumpkin cake that uses Bit-O-Honey bites. Replace chocolate chips in cookies or brownies with bits of chocolate bars.

4. Use it as a straw or stir stick.

A distinct memory from childhood: biting off the ends of a Red Vine and using it as a straw for soda. It made all that sweet, sugary goodness taste that much better and added a unique cherry twist. Similarly, leftover candy canes from the holidays can be used to stir your coffee, tea, cocoa, or apple cider while adding that refreshing peppermint taste.

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