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7 Reasons Your Business Should Save Energy

In the modern business environment, there are many compelling reasons to dedicate time and resources towards energy conservation. This is particularly true for businesses with their own IT data centre, which invariably accounts for a significant amount of any business electricity bill. In this article, we’ll take a look at seven reasons why business owners need to consider energy conservation.

1. The Environment

First and foremost, we all have a responsibility to the environment. Scientists almost unanimously agree that the planet is in the midst of climate change, with rising sea levels as a result of global warming threatening our future. On an individual level, everybody needs to take steps to pare back their energy use. However, this is even more important at a business level, as business is responsible for a much larger amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere.

2. Utility Expenses

Aside from the altruistic reasons, the fact of the matter is that less energy output means lower electricity bills, which will save money in the long term. Every business owner is looking to cut costs and find more efficient ways of maintaining productivity levels. In the data centre, for example, power monitoring is used to recognise inefficiencies, while improved airflow control techniques and equipment can be implemented in order to improve the bottom line. Using an external business IT support service may be the most efficient way of cutting down on costs like these.

3. Equipment Life

If your data centre is run efficiently, your equipment is likely to last longer than if it is operating close to its capacity; this will mean avoiding the costs associated with replacing the equipment once it has fallen into a state of disrepair. Outsourced IT solutions ensure that your computer equipment is being used in the optimal way, and that you are getting the maximum life out of it.

4. Maintenance Costs

Energy conservation techniques will also reduce the costs associated with maintenance of a data centre. This is largely achieved by freeing up IT staff to focus on more pertinent tasks instead of constantly having to react to troubles within the data centre.

5. Downtime

The data centre is the central hub of an organisation; it contains all the information that is required for day-to-day operations. It follows, then, that if the data centre was to crash or ‘go down’ for a period of time, this could have devastating effects for the company. By creating a more efficient data centre, there is less likelihood of equipment malfunction, meaning less chance of having to deal with costly downtime.

6. Carbon Tax

Around the world, governments are looking to take the initiative on lowering carbon emissions by introducing a carbon tax that will affect businesses. By placing a tax on carbon, businesses that are more carbon-efficient will be at a distinct advantage, since other businesses that are being taxed heavily on their carbon usage will need to pass those costs onto their customers.

7. Public Image 

Much of modern business is about public image, and by showing to customers that your business is environmentally friendly, you’ll be doing untold amounts of good for your public image.

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