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The Worst Male Health Care Devices Ever Invented

Over the years, men have tried all kinds of products to boost their looks and health, and it seems that men will try just about anything when it comes to big issues like hair loss and their libido. The following are some of the worst creations ever produced when it comes to male health care products, and it is not recommended that you try any of the following ideas.

Hair in a Can

When you are desperate for a hair loss solution, sometimes you will try anything, and hair in a can is one of those not-so-smart, desperate measures. While it proves effective at covering up a bald patch, you have to worry about moisture from sweating, rain or elsewhere; obviously, it means swimming is out of the question too. Hair in a Can is certainly one of the least well thought out of hair replacement systems.

Crosely Xervac Head Vacuum

This interesting device was essentially a hose attached to a head piece, and was designed to draw more blood to the blood vessels in your head by sucking it there with the vacuum attached to your head. It was thought that with more blood rushing to a person’s head, it would make it easier to grow healthier hair, but unfortunately for those that used it, it was more useful for comedy than hair growth.

Radioactive Jockstrap

This unfortunate undergarment was created at a time when radioactive material was thought to be therapeutic. This jockstrap was described as a way to turn “weak, discouraged men” into studs who “now bubble over in joyous vitality through the use of glands and radium”. Hopefully, not too many weak, discouraged men signed up for one of these.

Recto Rotor

Billed as a cure for piles, constipation and prostate problems, this phallic-looking device was said to ooze healing ointment to somehow help in curing you of whatever ails you. There has never been any proof of any healing abilities of the Recto Rotor, though that doesn’t mean no one had fun trying to find some.

The Spermatic Truss

Designed as an anti-self pollution device in a time when sex and sexuality were considered the realm of moral deviants, the spermatic truss was a garment designed to make it impossible to have an erection, as the genitalia is tied down. Fearing his creation was being enjoyed somehow or other, the designer altered his original design 21 years later to make erections possible, but which would result in the penis being impaled of painful spikes. You can only hope that the designer of this torturous garment had to wear this himself one day.

These days, it is harder for wacky products to make it to the market if they are unsafe or unhealthy, though that doesn’t mean you should assume that every product on the market is okay to use. Especially when it comes to putting a product on intimate parts of your body like your genitals, face and head, don’t just believe every claim and be sure you do some research first, because not all damage done is reversible.

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