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Batman, The Three Point Turn and The Garage Turntable

I always find it cool that Batman has a garage turntable in his Batcave. Batman goes in the Batcave, goes to the bat computer and does some more bat things; and if another mission arises, he’ll just push a button and let the car turntable do the job than doing a three point turn to go out of the Batcave. Bruce Wayne will be really pissed if he has to do that every time and Superman will throw out a snort if he ever catches batman doing it.

Seriously, these types of car park solutions are pretty neat. I have always wanted to have one installed at home because one thing we have a limited parking space and this type of technology is the best solution…. and it will look real cool while watching the car turn to its designated direction. I can hear the Batman theme in my head now, nice! Some may say that installing a garage turntable is just a waste of money or gadgetry that is not worth spending on. I think this is a practical solution for your car parking woes. We usually see car turntables in auto shows and in most cases, trucking spots and venues.

Even if your car has power steering, it’s such a hassle to do a three-point turn to go out of the garage or park your car in a garage with a very tight space. No backing out on the road, tight turns; little maneuvering spaces are eliminated by these car park solutions. So I decided to have one installed at home. I asked my wife about it and discussed the pros and cons of having a garage turntable and she agreed to have one. She told me that it will make it easier for her to park our car and it will be safer because it will reduce possible accidents around our kids.

I sourced out the best provider and checked the local council if there’s any requirement needed in installing a garage turntable and they have given us the go signal. We talked to the provider and they told us it can be custom made to match the driveway. They also informed us that these types of car park solutions can add prestige and value to our property. The parts were delivered and it took two days to complete the job.

It been about 7months since installing this neat garage tool and maintaining it is very easy. Just put grease on points that needed it and that’s it. Well, I also checked the electrical just to be sure. Usually the average size of the turntable is 5 meters but take note of the size of your car to have the perfect fit before ordering your custom made turntable. Previously, we have no alternative to backing out in traffic, with the new set up, we now have ample room to back and fill so we could come out of the drive frontwards.

My parents were really impressed with this gadget and they have decided to install a garage turntable in their house. My dad said that they are not so agile in neck turning for backing as they used to be thus having the turntable gave them better space utilization and physical comfort. These types of systems are complete car park solutions.

Peter Dunham is an IT Specialist in one of the major telecoms company in Australia. He’s also a freelance web designer and enjoys Batman. For him having a garage turntable is one of the best car park solutions invented. He’s thinking of painting the Batman logo on the turntable but his wife refused.

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