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Julian Assange Loses Appeal in London Supreme Court

On Wednesday, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange lost his appeal in London’s Supreme Court against being extradited to Sweden where he would be forced to face the charges of sexual assault and rape which are awaiting him there. Despite the verdict, the chances of him leaving right away however are slim as his legal team has been granted the chance to ask the Supreme Court to reopen the case for further examination within the next 14 days.

It comes as little surprise that Assange himself did not appear for the case as he was allegedly “stuck in traffic,” however his lack of appearance is very true to his persona.

If he does in fact end up going back to Sweden he will be forced to look at acquisitions that he raped and molested two women who were volunteers for WikiLeaks in Stockholm. Assange says he did in fact have sex with them but that he did not assault or rape anyone as the encounters were consensual.

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