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On Health: When Good Is Actually Bad

Are you aware that there are things we have been doing in the past that we believe to be good but which are actually bad for us? Yes, this is true according to health experts. Many times, people do things that are in reality more harmful than good, and people continue to do them simply because they do not know the truth.

Here are some examples of what these things or practices are. Hopefully, knowing that these things are not actually healthy and helpful will propel people to avoid doing them totally.

Too Heavy Work-outs In the Morning

Well, exercise is good, but only if done right. However, “right” is subjective and debatable because a lot of health experts have differing opinions on what “right” means. But here’s one declaration from health experts based on latest studies on working out early in the morning. Most of them agree that early morning excessive exercise or workout is more harmful than helpful, especially when done in the extremes. The reason why it’s harmful is because the body’s immune system is actually compromised during these early morning workout sessions. With a compromised immune system, viral and bacterial infections can easily affect the person doing the early morning exercise. Health experts are thus recommending that early morning exercises be done in moderation – not too strenuous and physically exhausting.

Switching to Non-Fat Foods

A lot of health conscious people, for the want of staying healthy and maintaining good and acceptable weight, switch to non-fat products. For those who know very little about the role of good fat in the body, this practice is acceptable, even desirable. However, health experts are saying that fat is necessary for the body to function well. Their advice is to consume the “good” fat and avoid the “bad” fat – not eliminate fat totally from the diet – which is what actually happens when one switches to non-fat dairy products. Think about it this way: what will happen to the body if it misses on important elements necessary for cell development and regeneration? Similar to plants which lack the nutrients it needs, the body will not look pleasing to the eyes; it will look unhealthy and sick; and it will eventually die. The body is the same; it needs fat in order for it to function properly. Good fat is needed so that the skin will look healthy and will retain its elasticity and flexibility. Good fat is also essential for proper brain development. For the heart to function efficiently, it also needs good fat such as Omega 3. So don’t remove the fat from your diet – just stick to the good fat and say goodbye to the bad fat!

These are just two of the common mistakes people commit because of their desire to stay healthy and fit. But here we are reminded that there are things that can actually be bad rather than good, and knowing them can help us improve our lives for the better.

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