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Dayglow: The Ultimate Paint Party

What is Dayglow?

The electronic music culture is a rising and expanding movement that has led to a global surge in wild parties and concerts. A subculture of this house and dubstep music is the new form of party—Dayglow. Rocking and vibing to the rhythmic bump and boom of bass-heavy techno music has always been fun, but this new style of party takes things to a much crazier level. Decked out in all white clothing—shirts, shorts, hats, and socks—partiers proceed to spray vibrant neon paint around the club while wildly dancing to the music.

My Experience

A brief, omniscient description of Dayglow truly does not give justice to the insane fun the party allows. Going to my first Dayglow, I had a horribly negative attitude. How could drunkenly spraying paint on a bunch of crazy dancing people truly be fun? Little did I know, combined with the easily danceable electronic music, throwing neon paint around in a wild party was one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had. To put it in perspective, I’m really not one to party. When my friend told me she was heading downtown to a Dayglow I was as skeptical as can be. Still, I threw on my all white attire and hitched a ride to the club. As soon as I walked in, I felt the cold slap of paint splatter across my face and chest. Looking down, I saw that my white clothes fresh with the neon orange paint were glowing fantastically in the blacklights that shown down from above. I looked across at the cute rave girl holding her bottle of UV reactive paint, and knew that it was going to be a good night. As I grabbed for my own bottle, I was blinded by a splash of paint that melted into my eye sockets. After struggling to scape the burning paint out of my eyes, I looked around and realized what I was missing—sunglasses.

Scanning the wild club, I did not see a single soul without them. Everyone had pair of glowing neon sunglasses from ragehats to shield themselves from the endless assault of vibrant paint. I still managed to survive the night without them, (at an obvious cost of burning, itchy eyes) but as soon as I got home I jumped online and purchased a customizable pair.

The electronic music scene has revolutionized parties, and has spawned one of the most exciting and wild types of celebration. Dayglows are the epitome of craziness and fun times, and after going to just one, I’m hooked.

Connor Accurso – Dayglow Enthusiast

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