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The Soda Debate Continues and Everyone Has an Opinion

Who knew that one day soda would become such a fiercely debated topic?

With the nation’s growing obesity problem, in not only adults but in children as well, rather desperate measures have been proposed to get Americans focused  on managing their weight.

Not only is obesity unhealthy, but it is also one of the most expensive issues for our health care system to fund when the complications of obesity begin to take a toll on the body.

This being said, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has suggested his own way to combat the problem – ban super-sized sodas. When the New York times announced this proposal earlier in the week it seemed everyone had an opinion they wanted to voice loud and clear about their stance.

The mayor’s motivation for this is that he believes that obesity, heart disease and diabetes would begin to slow down their progression if sugary drinks are limited.

Many feel however that banning these super-sized drinks isn’t really something that then government should be involved in.

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