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3 Lesser Known Social Media Tools to Boost Your Events

Many people have witnessed the continuous development of modern technology. Over the past decades, it has transformed how the world perceives communication, more specifically marketing and advertising. Today, businesses are no longer just making use of traditional media such as television, radio and newspapers.
Social Media – Reaching Throughout the GlobeNow with the power of the Internet, mankind has surpassed borders and can easily blend with different kinds of cultures. Which is why marketing a business is now as easy as the single click of a mouse. In essence, the world has shrunk down as social media becomes more and more powerful.

A lot of people already know the most potent forms of social media and how they can market or advertise businesses and upcoming events. Blogging (also known as content creation) and social media analytics tools (such as Face book and YouTube) will always remain on the top of the most authoritative social media tools. But what if you don’t want to jump on the bandwagon? What tools will you use that can still shoo in those needed numbers on your event?

Twitter and Tweet Metric Tools

Everybody knows the relevance of Twitter. But it’s more than just a source of spam quotes and Tweet coupons. If used correctly, it can become one of the most influential social media tools on the Internet today.

Here are some ways that you can use Twitter to your advantage:

• Share relevant and valuable content to your followers.

• Host or join a tweet chat so that you can promote your upcoming event.

• Create a new hash tag around your specific event.

• Chat with customers so that you get to know their feedbacks and concerns.

• Don’t just ask for support, do you share by supporting your clients, too. Check out their tweets and find out how you can help in sharing their tweets.

• Ask questions that can spur dialogs regarding your upcoming event.

• Support and obtain support for charities and causes.

With regard to tweet meters such as TweetLevel and TweetReach, you are given the power to know how far your tweets travel as well as to search for trending hash tags. ReFollow is also an app that you can use on your Twitter account which allows you to lock your followers to you.

HooteSuite for iPad Users

Users of HooteSuite are very happy with this new iPad app as it includes the right tols that can help them keep track of all their streams. You can also check on your FourSquare account, scrutinize click-through stats, schedule messages that will be sent later, and add geo-location coordinates to a message.

This is best for heavy users of iPad who would want to fully manage their social media contents, engagements and those who would want to boost their events.

The Uses of Traackr

This is one app that you can use to find and follow the people that can become influential in your space. This is an effective means of finding the “authorities” when it comes to your event. This is a useful tool for brands and advertising agencies that want to focus on building social media campaigns.

Choose Your Japón

These are little known social media types but they are, nonetheless, powerful. A perfect event is achievable just as long as you know how to find and use the most powerful social media tools on the Internet nowadays.

Working with a digital marketing agency can be another great way to learn new tips and tricks.

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