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5 social media outlets that allow you to share your travel highlights

When you go on vacation or travel to new places, you return home with stories and a slew of pictures to share with people. Social media sites allow you to relive your travels with friends and family, and your updates will show up automatically in their feeds. Here are some of the best websites for sharing your travel highlights.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site by far, and it allows you to post pictures, videos and stories of your trip to the site. Pictures can be sorted in galleries, and videos are linked through YouTube. When photos and videos are uploaded, you are given the option of sharing your albums in your feed, allowing people to see them with the rest of your posts. Additionally, you and others can comment on your photos, allowing you to explain where you were and what was happening when a photo was taken. Facebook is easy to sign up for, and most of your friends and family are probably already on the site.

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This social media site is one of Google’s latest endeavors and it is their version of Facebook. While both sites are devoted to connecting friends and family through the Internet, there are some differences. To begin with, Google+ has circles, which sort your connections into groups. For example, you might have a friend circle, a co-worker circle and a family circle. This means if you want to share your vacation photos and stories, you can chose to do so with specific groups. So, if you want friends and family to see images from your trip, but you would rather people that you work with do not, Google+ gives you the ability to share selectively.

While you usually return from vacations with tons of photos taken during your travels, there are a variety of stories to go with them. If you want to share detailed recounts of your adventures abroad, you should consider LiveJournal. Most social media sites are designed for short posts and status updates, and they are not well suited for storytelling. LiveJournal, on the other hand, is more focused on allowing people to blog and have longer discussions. People are able to comment on posts and leave feedback, even if they are not LiveJournal subscribers.

While MySpace has been dwarfed by Facebook, it still has a large number of active members. One of the reasons that many people still enjoy MySpace is because it gives them options for decorating their online profile, which Facebook does not. The website allows people to share photos and videos and gives visitors the ability to leave comments on them.

Pinterest is one of the newest social media sites on the Internet, but it is quickly gaining popularity. The site is currently ranked as the third most popular social media site on the Internet, and its followers are growing. This social media hub allows users to post pictures or ideas, “pinning” them to an Internet board. Once images are pinned, the site allows people to “Like” and re-post them to their followers. Pins are saved to users’ walls, allowing them to go back and review them. Additionally, when something is pinned, if a visitor clicks on the pin, it will take them to the website that the image was found on. This means that people can pin their vacation photos and link back to other social media sites.

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